The Fort Collins Coloradoan called us “Colorado’s CEO club for women.” Since 2008, COWOI created a powerful, well-connected organization for women who were at a very high level in their careers.

  • In 2018 these amazing women decided to take on new challenges as an organization.
  • We’ve had ten years to create our culture of “girlfriends at a higher level.” Ten years to create our community of  supportive colleagues who become cheerleaders and trusted advisors for each other.
  • We’re READY to share our knowledge, experience, resources, contacts, expertise and connections to help YOU create the personal & professional life of your dreams.
We are excited to announce that on January 1, 2018, Colorado Women of Influence has applied to become The Colorado Women of Influence Foundation, a privately held nonprofit organization.

This transition to nonprofit status allows us to leverage and share the expertise, knowledge and successes of our members, take on new projects to benefit women in our Northern Colorado, as well as make our Annual Women of Vision Gala even more successful.

The COWOI Foundation will continue our role in developing, organizing, and promoting activities that educate, encourage, support, and enhance the development of women in business. When women are financially self-sufficient, the whole community benefits.

  • Through our monthly SAVI Salon Educational Workshops we continue to bring you highly successful women at the peak of their careers who share their hard-earned knowledge with YOU in a brown-bag workshop setting.
  • Through our Emerging Leader Program, we continue to encourage the professional development, leadership education, networking and mentoring the next generation of female leaders.
  • Through our Women of Vision Gala, we continue our mission to identify and honor women from Northern Colorado who have made a difference in their communities, on a local, national or international scale!
  • Through our Influence After Hours Master-mind Events we continue to give us an opportunity to come together monthly in a small-group setting to share ideas and to support each other.
  • Through our Influence BEFORE Hours Breakfast Networking Events, we continue to feature high profile Northern Colorado female leaders whose presentations will encourage ALL women to get involved and make a difference.
  • And we will continue to sponsor VIP social events – Girlfriends & Wine, Lights & Limos, our annual Summer Celebration and Holiday Celebration & Fashion Show – because these casual get-togethers are wonderful ways to celebrate our success, meet our newest members, and enjoy girlfriend fun!
  • Our Mission Statement, Pledge of Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement have been refined throughout our 10-year history to become even more relevant.
  • This transition from a LLC to a nonprofit will also enable us to become Board-driven, write for grants and allow our supporters to deduct their donations. 
Yes, MORE to come! But we are THRILLED that COWOI is will achieve long-term sustainability with this move! WELCOME TO THE COWOI FOUNDATION!


Come to one of our events and you will understand why so many high-profile women are joining this organization! Just ask any of our over 500 Members about why this group is “very different and very special…”

Feel free to drop by the COWOIF Office for a visit! We’re in the Palmer Gardens Office Center, 150 E. 29th Street, Suite 250, Loveland 80538 (corner of Hwy 287 & 29th). The K-cup machine is always on, and we always have chocolate in abundance!

Click HERE to schedule a time to meet with Ann at the COWOIF Suite.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA